Monday, January 26, 2009

Just Call me....Mrs. Sicky!

Well, so last week we found out that I had a UTI. I got on my 4th antibiotic on Friday with some pain medication I was actually able to take at work if needed. Before Friday, I was in so much pain and was only being prescribed narcotics-which obviously you can't work with! Thursday was the worst day of pain in the 1 week + of this ordeal! Of course narcotics eased me through it! VERY frustrating as I need to be at work accruing time to have enough hours to be paid while I am on maternity leave. So by Friday night I was actually feeling GREAT--and on Saturday even better! I was so excited to go to work on Sunday-believe it or not. However, to make matters WORSE--my body decided it wanted to catch a virus on Sunday! So-beginning yesterday I spent on the toilet all day with 100.5 fever, nausea, back pain, and some contractions from being dehydrated. I was MISERABLE! This lasted all night without sleep and into today. One of the worse nights of my life-truly! I continue to spend most of my time on the toilet wondering when this will stop! I had to call in to work last night AND tonight. Of course, this made the whole work issue even worse for me! So... yesterday I told myself-Jill--God knew all of this was going to happen--it all happens for a reason and you will be taken care of like always! I can't turn back time nor can I dwell on what could have been! So this has given me some peace through it all! Its just hard knowing that your colleagues suffer when you call in and are probably frustrated with me not knowing what all has gone on in the past week and a half! But I can't worry about that! I have to take care of me and Mr. Tucker! I am sure they will understand when I get back! In the meantime, I am thoroughly hydrating myself to keep those dehydration contractions gone and to get myself back to normal! I just hope Grant doesn't catch whatever I had---I will be so sad if that happens! :(

On a more positive note---the days (Friday night and Saturday) that I was feeling good we went to dinner with some friends for a birthday and came home to organize our utility room. Its amazing how much space can be utilized when you have a NEED to utilize all the space in your house! On Saturday, I cleaned out our whole HUGE closet in the morning while Grant was working on truck stuff. In the afternoon, we cleaned out both our office and nursery--moving furniture, placing/labeling stuff in plastic bins, putting together our bookcase for the nursery, etc.! Quite a chore but we are almost done with this big task called "organization." I guess you would say I am nesting! I just feel like there are so many little things that I am not going to want to do once this baby comes! So--we are doing it all now and it feels GREAT! Now we are just waiting for the crib and dresser/changer to arrive so we can put it all together! Also, Grants mom is sewing our baby bedding which is going to look AMAZING! That is in the works too! I can't wait for the room to get all decorated so I can post some pics! :) I just know he is going to love his new room!

*We found out this week that our good friend from Grant's off-roading club, Tony, has inoperable lung cancer! Please keep him in your prayers as he will be traveling to MD Anderson and starting some pretty aggressive treatments very soon. He is so strong as well as his wife Sharon. He has such a good attitude and will pull through! Every prayer will help! Thanks everyone!

Hope all is well with everyone! Have a blessed week!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

25 Weeks and 6 Days Appointment to Dr. Hales

Life has been interesting this past week. Unsure if I had a UTI or kidney stone led me to see Dr. Hales one week early to check on little Mr. Tucker to make sure everything was o.k. in this belly of mine! Of course, he is perfect! Weighing in at a whopping 1 lb. 13 oz.--haha-this kid almost weighs 2 lbs! :) My fluid levels continue to be right on track as well as the length of my cervix! This makes me very happy! They also put me on the monitor to see if I was contracting in conjunction with my "illness"---it was so fun to see Tucker's heartbeat beating away and tracing on the monitor! At 26 weeks it can be difficult to trace a little baby that has a lot of room to move around and come off the monitor. My little boy stayed on the whole 30 minutes! I do this to people every time I am at work----its so neat this was actually my baby being traced! :) Besides having what we now know to be a UTI and taking 3 different antibiotics--I feel good. Just knowing what I have makes it so much better. I am still having some pain and taking some pain medications but I am sure to wean off of those very soon! :) I did have one painless contraction yesterday and have felt many painless contractions before yesterday! Very weird to feel contractions. I can't imagine what they will feel like when there is pain associated with them! We ordered our baby furniture last week and I picked out/designed the baby bedding that Grant's mom Cindi is going to soo kindly sew for us! :) I have bought a few things here and there for the nursery! We are planning to organize/sort/clean/throw away all the stuff this weekend and next in the room that is to be the nursery and the room that is now becoming the guest room/office! I am also getting excited about my upcoming baby showers in the next couple of months! How fun! I have a feeling we will be all set for Mr. Tucker when the time comes! :) Hope all is well with everyone! Here are some pics of Little Tuck!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

24 week and 1 day appointment

I went to see Dr. Lampkin today for another QUICK appointment. When I say that I mean it! I guess its hard to go to the appointment being a labor and delivery nurse when I could so easily call in all the information they obtain at the office. It just makes it less exciting! My most favorite appointments are going to see Dr. Hales to get all the cool ultrasound pics! :) Anyways-I am glad all the nurses are so wonderful at Dr. Lampkin's office--and of course he is great too! He takes such good care of his patients! With all of that said-everything went well. My weight gain is still on track, as well as my blood pressure, fundal height, etc! I am starting to experience how hard it is to get around as you get more pregnant-even to turn in my own bed! haha! Its not that I can't but I can just feel it in my hips! Its also not easy getting up from the couch...and I am walking slower! Its all kinda funny-and will be even more funny to see how it is further down the road! Next visit at 28 weeks I get to drink the yummy orange glucose drink to test for gestational diabetes! :) All I know is at 24 weeks my blood sugar is perfectly normal! I am crossing my fingers that it stays that way! Here is a belly picture!

*Congrats Lauren and Justin on your new baby girl Miss Kendall Marie Mack! :) I can't wait to see her!

Monday, January 5, 2009

My 22 week and 6 Day Appointment

Well...its been a while since my last post! Its been soo busy with work and the holidays that I have not had a chance to post! We finally got our pictures from last week's appointment scanned to post for you guys! Our appointment on Tuesday, the 30th went GREAT! Mr. Tucker weighs 1 lb and 3 oz.! He was showing off for us doing all his gymnastic stunts! In fact, in one of these pictures he is bent in half-legs over body! Haha! He is definitely flexible and likes to kick ALOT! He is so stinkin' cute on the 4D pictures! Dr. Hales said my amniotic fluid levels, cervix, etc are normal at this point! I am having sausage feet (swelling) every once in a while but my blood pressure and everything are totally normal! I noticed on Saturday that I was able to actually see my tummy move when he was moving! So cool! We took a tummy picture last weekend---I need to post it! My tummy is definitely growing which has been quite the experience! :) Work is going great for Grant! He is having fun making changes to his off-roading vehicle, too! We are busy deciding on baby bedding and organizing rooms! I have a feeling this will continue to the very end! We are enjoying it! Hope all is well and Happy New Year!