Friday, March 27, 2009

35 weeks and 2 days! :)

Grant and I went to see Dr. Hales this morning! :) It was a great visit! Tucker is weighing in at 5 lbs. 9 oz.! They say he is in the 26th percentile. Dr. Hales projects he will be 6.5-7 lbs. at delivery! My little peanut. :) My fluids were great at 16, my cervix is almost 4 inches (still thick), my placenta is where it should be AND......drum roll please.....he is HEAD DOWN! I truly can't believe this! I have thought for the past 3 weeks he has been transverse (sideways)! When I contract (which is quite often) I can feel his body from left to right. He may have been transverse at some point but today he is head down! His body remains sideways though. So his head is down and his little body and legs curve to my right side! Weird! I guess its a good thing so he is not constantly jabbing me in the ribs! I think I have been feeling his little sideways body this whole time when I have a contraction! We were able to get a couple of "ok" pictures of his profile on the 4d US today....not good enough to post I am afraid! But we know he is still a boy ;) and that he has feet, ears, toes, hands, a cute little nose, etc! Dr. Hales was thrilled that he actually had a labor and delivery nurse with no "issues." He seemed surprised and relieved! We hope it stays this way through the actual delivery!

Anyways...I have been busy working lately. I worked last Friday and Saturday, had off Sunday night and then worked Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday! I am TIRED and my feet are swollen! The good news is I only have 2 more weeks of work or 6 shifts to be exact! And no more 3 in a row! Yippee! My last day will be the 10th of April and then I will have 10 days to relax before I deliver---at least that is the plan! :) Everyone knows Tucker is in charge of when he wants to show his pretty face! In that time, Lora, Kari Jo and I are having a girls night and I will try to have some "get togethers" with other friends before my time is up! Of course sleep is of the utmost importance! I will definitely make sure to get a lot of that! Grant, I am sure, will continue working on his truck and other people's vehicles with his friends and try soaking up all the relaxation he can get!

The family is coming in town today for a baby shower that my wonderful friends are throwing for me! We are having a birthday dinner here at the house tonight to celebrate Grant's grandmother Dorothy's birthday and his Dad's bday as well that will be on April 3rd! We are expecting around 13 people! Hope we all fit-haha! :) I will soon post pictures from all the showers thus far as well as nursery pictures! :) We are on the countdown people! Keep us in your prayers! Love to all!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

32 weeks and counting...

Today I went to Dr. Lampkin's office! Nothing exciting at all except that now my sweet little boy is laying sideways or "transverse" as we like to call it! And he is still facing to the back! He is a stinker! I hope this is not a sign of whats to come-haha! Oh well! Anyways, everything is going great! We had a great time this past weekend in Dallas! I had a couple of showers and was "showered" with gifts galore! Thank you to everyone who came to the showers and for all the wonderful gifts! I have spent the past couple of days organizing all the new goodies and figuring out where things needs to go! It is fun but overwhelming! I still have 3 more showers! :) Woo hoo! We are still waiting on the crib that DID NOT arrive today like it was supposed to! So we will see if it comes in on Friday and then get all of the bedding on and pictures taken for all to see. It really needs to get here...we are getting ancy! We have been waiting since the middle of January! I am also working on some artwork for the room! I have to incorporate Uppercase Living somehow...and of course spell out his name with fun lettering! Hope all is well with everyone! Gotta go get ready to run some errands this evening! Love to all!