Thursday, November 27, 2008

Its a.....?

Well...we finally revealed our secret to the 25 + family members over at Grant's for Thanksgiving, including my immediate family too. We still have to tell my dad and stepmom on Sunday on the way back to Lubbock! :) We are proud to announce-Its a BOY!!!! I decided I couldn't just "tell" everyone, I had to get my creative juices flowing and make something fun! So...I made these glass ornaments to let everyone know its a boy! (I will post pictures soon.) I gave one little box to my mom and one to Grant's mom to open today. Perfect to hang on the tree for the upcoming Christmas holiday. His name will be Tucker James Coss! I think we are pretty much set on the name---don't think there will be any changes! We have been looking at old photos from when Grant and I were babies. Fun to imagine the mixture of the two! There will be more to come in the following weeks I am sure. I am still feeling great and feeling little "flutters"every now and then. Nothing big yet! We are going to spend the rest of the weekend doing a little shopping, football watching, visiting with family, and watching the Tech v. Baylor game at Jenny and Scott's house with Cody and Amy + baby Sage! Have a great holiday weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

"Official" Ultrasound

Today Grant and I saw Dr. Hales, our maternal fetal medicine doctor. For those of you who don't know, he is a more specialized doctor that will follow me and my baby throughout the pregnancy to make sure things are on track! We now know FOR SURE the sex of the baby! Its soo exciting for us! We also got 4D ultrasound pics and can see what our baby kinda looks like at this point! Isn't that neat!? Our little munchkin is definitely a toot! Never does what you want it to...ever! But thats ok---its on "mommy" time. Sleeps during the day and is awake at night! :) We can't wait to tell our family next week at Thanksgiving!  Then I can finally start talking about EVERYTHING on my blog! I haven't felt anything strong as far as movements go but I can feel something happening! But its not enough to be like "that's it! " I don't expect to feel anything "real" for another couple of weeks or so! We had our 16 week appointment last week and everything was great at Dr. Lampkin's office! No news there. I will post some US pics soon--the ones where you can't tell if its a girl or boy! Even one from our 4D US pics...neat-o! 

On another note---we can't wait for the game tomorrow!~ WOO HOO! We are going to cheer on our Red Raiders! 

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Girl or Boy?

Well...we had some fun at work last night (as usual) with our ultrasound machine! We are 90% sure we know what it is at this point without being "official." Earlier this week we had looked and we THOUGHT we knew....but we didn't! However, we have our "real" appointment with our specialist this coming Friday and we are not going to reveal our secret until then! :) Well, after Thanksgiving because we are waiting to tell our parents until that day! We are super excited to tell everyone and START preparing for the arrival! :) Nothing else is going on besides Grant and I trading colds with each other! No fun! Work is good, baby is good, Grant is good, and Life is good! Check this out on Thanksgiving for our fun reveal! :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008


The Texas v. Texas Tech game was AWESOME on Saturday! Can you believe Tech is #2 now?!?! Don't you wish you could live in the town of awesomeness! (Is that a word?) Haha!