Monday, February 22, 2010

10 months and Counting!

Wow--time continues to fly by! Tucker is only 2 months away from being the big 1 year old! We cannot believe it! We are already thinking about his first birthday party! Tucker has continued to surprise us everyday with the things he does and the things he has picked up on! Here are a few things Tucker is doing:

-Pulling up on everything
-Learning how to open up drawers and cabinets...and then pull everything out!
-Walking while holding on--cruising!
-Randomly as of Sunday his wave became violent and he started waving at everyone!
-Says dada and mama--for everything!
-Smiles and squints his eyes and scrunches his nose
-Started eating "real foods"--mango, bread, cheerios, puffs, etc!
-Daddy made the mistake of teaching him how to turn on the bathtub--so he crawls quickly to the bathtub EVERYTIME he is in our bathroom and turns on the water
-Standing up in his bed when we come to get him
-Unfolding all the clothes that Mommy just folded-haha! He does this often.
-Sits up really well in the bathtub without Mom being extremely nervous
-Sitting up a little easier from laying down--but really only after he has pulled himself at least to his knees or has pulled himself up to stand up and then sits down (it is so cute to see little ones sit down from standing-they just fall to their booty) :)
-Rolling his tongue (like when you roll your r's if you speak Spanish)--SO cute!
-Loves "patty cake" and "itsy bitsy spider"
-Seems to recognize animal sounds that I repeatedly make (he smiles when I ask him about the animal sounds)
-When prompted and helped a little can give a high five---hopefully we can teach him "guns up" real soon
ETC! The list goes on!

We went to visit Dr. Gray on Monday the 15th and was told he weighed 19.8 lbs. (20th percentile) and was 28.5" long (50th percentile)! Dr. Gray made the comment that his teeth are going to come in any day now! I can definitely tell by the fussiness, drooling, biting EVERYTHING, etc! :)

Besides battling illnesses here and there we are doing great--all of us! We are a little happy family of 3-plus Duke the Dog! Hopefully, soon, we will be making the big move back to Dallas! We are waiting for Grant to find the right job! So, if you have a chance say a prayer for us! I will post pictures soon! We haven't taken many lately! Check Facebook too for pics!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Update...! Almost 9 months!

Wow, it has been a long time since I have posted on the blog! I am given a hard time quite often but its hard to keep up with everything on here and live life! We are doing absolutely fabulous and are loving life! Tucker started KDO last week on Tuesday. He goes twice a week from 9-2:30! He fussed off and on for a couple of hours the first day and then did great the second day! We are excited. It will be good for him to be around other people! It is nice to get a break since we don't get many out here not having any family around! I can name on one hand how many times I have been in our house by myself since he was born. Hopefully, that will happen much more often! But, really, its not been bad! He is a good kid and it is way easier when they are more independent and can somewhat entertain themselves! Tucker has made quite a few accomplishments in the past few weeks! Here is my update!

-We have taught him to wave bye-bye!
-We are constantly going over animal sounds and "more" in sign-language! Hopefully it won't be much longer!
-He has been saying "mamamama" over and over for a while now but I don't think he knows what it means necessarily! Just this week he has said "dadadada." Again, not sure he knows what it means!
-He is ARMY crawling! Poor thing has carpet burns on his left elbow and right knee! It is really cute! Not on all fours yet--maybe never!
-He is pulling up! Is pretty well balanced for a good amount of time by himself! He acts like he loves it!
-He is eating real fruit in his "Nuby"-a net-like food holder!
-He throws ALL of his toys off of his high chair! It is a danger zone sometimes!
-He is talking ALL the time---sticking his tongue out and making all sorts of noise! He has started this husky grunt! REALLY funny! And I think he thinks he is talking AND making sense sometimes!
-He absolutely loves our dog Duke and just gets tickled when he gets to see him in the mornings!
-He is sleeping REALLY well and has been for a while! The kid still takes about 2-3 naps a day AND sleeps all night(sometimes fusses for his pacifier and then falls back to sleep)! The past couple of days he has had a runny nose and hasn't figured out how to breathe and suck his pacifier so it keeps him up. :) Not so fun for us. :(
-He is doing great and transitioned easily to his new big boy carseat! Did great on the way home from Dallas!
-He does AWESOME at the stores in the baskets and is totally distracted by all of the people! All of the old men love to come and talk to him! He just smiles as usual! He has riding in the baskets for a while now! Its sad because I do not get to park in the front row parking at the grocery store! :(

That is all I can think of right now! I am sure there is more! I just updated his 1st year calendar and wrote a whole lot so I am sure I am forgetting something! :) Hope all is well! We are heading back to Dallas in February for a visit! Hope to see everyone we can when we are there!I will post pictures soon! The reason I have been so bad is because our camera takes such high resolution pictures! We have to size down each one we want to post--no fun and time consuming! Love to all!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More pictures!~

Tucker is very confused by Santa! He did really well! More pics to come!

Family picture at the party! Tucker likes his new vibrating teether!

Tucker playing with his box that the carseat came in! He had a blast!

Long time, No Post!

Tucker's new big boy carseat arrived! I hope he likes traveling in it at Christmas!

Tucker playing in our pillows! He was so small compared to the mass of pillows!

Tucker in his cute little vest-couldn't resist!

Tucker playing with Daddy! He LOVES his Daddy! They have a blast together!

Tucker likes to stretch with his pacifier! This is too funny!

Well I have been asked many times to post more pictures of our little guy!~ We have just gotten busy and its hard for me to keep up these days! Things are great here! Tucker is growing so fast and doing new things each and every day! No big milestones to report. He doesn't have any teeth yet nor is he crawling! He just rolls from one end of the room to the other in the blink of an eye. He is making all sorts of funny sounds, especially when he eats. It cracks us up! Santa is done buying his gifts and is in the process of getting them all wrapped for the big day! He is going to get many fun goodies! We went to see Santa at my work Christmas party which was a lot of fun! He didn't cry at all while he was on Santa's lap--he just stared in amazement! Here are a few new pictures! Tucker is just shy of 8 months! WOW! The next post will probably be after Christmas! Those will be good pictures I am sure! Merry Christmas everyone.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We had a great time in Vegas---not very relaxing but alot of FUN! Grant's parents arrived on Thursday afternoon--just in time for us to eat lunch and be taken to the airport! I was extremely nervous to leave my little boy for the first time! I had been so excited about Vegas until it got closer! EEK! I had a small breakdown on the plane and the next morning when I heard his little voice. But everytime we talked to them he was doing so good! I was so proud of him and it helped me to have fun! We walked the strip ALOT and saw soo many things! We were in and out of so many hotels! We gambled a little bit and won a little too! We stayed at the Bellagio and enjoyed every minute of it! It is such a luxurious hotel. We ate great and had so much fun with Lora and Koy that we are trying to plan another trip! When we got back home Tucker smiled at me but not at Grant. As soon as we walked in the house he acted like he had no idea who we were and was so confused! And only smiled at Grant's dad! As soon as they headed back to Dallas, he turned back to normal-smiling and laughing! We missed him so much and are so glad to be back with him! However, it will be easier the next time we want to go on a trip!

Tucker continues to do more and more everyday! He started this new thing when he gets upset and crying and says "Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma." Its so funny. Its like I already know how "mama" is going to sound coming out of his mouth! He is also doing this coughing thing when he cries. Its cute and funny! :) Maybe I can get it on video! I need to post some pictures soon! We took one in his new highchair! I think he likes it!

We got him enrolled in KDO on Tue/Thur starting in the Spring at Lakeridge United Methodist Church! We are so excited! The classrooms and teachers seem to be amazing! I hope he will be a good boy!

Friday, November 6, 2009

6 Month Doctor Visit

Yesterday was Tucker's 6 month doctor visit! Grant had to take him because I accidently scheduled myself for a yearly class for work on that day thinking it was the opposite day of the appointment! What a bum mom! Anyways, he did GREAT! He weighed in at 18.45 lbs, was 28.25" long and had a 46 cm head! He was in the 90th percentiles for height and head and the 75th percentile for weight! He also got his shots, including the flu shot! Grant said he held his breath the longest he had ever seen! I told him that it was pretty normal for him to do that after shots! :) Poor Grant was scared! Dr. Gray was super surprised when he walked in the room at how well Tucker was sitting up for his age when. He does sit up really well without support. In fact, we sit him up most of the time now! We asked him if he thought his teeth were coming in. We told him of his recent sleeping habits and what we saw in his mouth. Upon observation, he said that he didn't think they were cutting through YET but that he could be experiencing pain because of teething. He said that the pain could be keeping him awake. One night when he woke up in the middle of the night, I went ahead and regressed and gave him a bottle. He sucked it down quick. The next night, the same thing. Dr. Gray said when he does this he is most likely going through a growth spurt. He said if we were to feed him and he did not suck it down that he was just messing with us. So...the week (PLUS) of no/lack of sleep could have been from teething pain, growing pains, etc! BUT on a good note, he has slept wonferfully for the past 4 nights now! Maybe the growth spurt is over and we are back to normal at least for a while! It was best last night when he slept from 8:30pm to 7:15 am straight with no waking up! It was wonderful! The time he has slept has become increasingly longer every night! Hopefully it stays like this for the sake of Grant's parents next week when we are in Vegas! He continues to love his food. We tried pears and mixed veggies today! He loved them both. We are doing an oatmeal cereal now that he likes as well! Everything is going great! We are having so much fun! :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

No good very horrible nights (in a row)! TEETH!

So...we have had a ROUGH weekend to say the very least. Mr .Tucker has decided to fuss...alot...and mostly at night. I was on this website the other day and everything, I mean EVERYTHING, Tucker has been doing (gnawing, drooling, fussing, waking, fasting ) has pointed to teething. We have used orajel, frozen washcloths, attempted teething rings that he doesn't care for, our fingers, etc to help get him through! They say the symptoms can start a couple to three months before they actually cut through. And they have just gotten worse over the past few months. We had yet to feel anything on his gums but knew that he would be getting them soon. At his 4 month visit Dr. Gray said they were on their way in! Well, I think they are finally cutting through. Both of the bottom two teeth. We saw the two little teeth starting to shine through! YIPPEE...I guess. But we are suffering. Tylenol, again, is our bestest friend. We can start Motrin now that he is 6 months but I think we will wait a little while yet. Once his teeth come in I will take a picture! :) He will be cute... but I will miss that toothless grin.