Friday, February 27, 2009

Visit to Dr. Hales

On Wednesday we visited Dr. Hales office for a follow-up appointment. The doppler studies are back down to normal limits! In other words, the blood flow from my placenta to Tucker is normal again. They did not estimate his weight at this visit. We will go back on March 27th and they will do that then! We did try to get more pictures but he decided to face toward the back AGAIN! All we got were more foot, ear, and arm pictures! Darn! We did find out he is BREECH right now---with an arm under my right rib! He has alot more time to turn back around but if he doesn't it will be a cesarean section (which I am not opposed to at all!) :) Anyways--we are in Dallas now for a couple of baby showers! I have one tomorrow and one on Sunday! We will then head back to Lubbock with presents in tow! When we get back, we will pick up our crib and get that put together this week! Yippee! We are fixing to watch a movie with the parents! Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It is Getting Close! 30 Weeks!

Today Grant and I had two of our doctor appointments. It was great to kill two birds with one stone! First, was the Dr. Hales appointment. This is the fun appointment! We saw Mr. Tucker's BACK today but could not see his face. He just so happened to be face down at the moment! So no good pictures off course! But he is head down with his legs right at the top of my belly! Getting close to rib kicking time I fear! He weighed 3 lb. 2 oz.! My cervix, fluid, placenta etc... is on track and normal! They did some doppler studies to look at the blood flow from the placenta to the baby. My levels were elevated which means there is some resistance in blood flow from the placenta to Tucker. However, these numbers usually peak at 30 weeks and then tapers off. He is not worried at all because of this and the fact that Tucker is growing right on track. If he hadn't been growing normally,the studies today may have been evidence that the blood flow is an issue! But at this point we are good! I go back next week for a follow up visit to make sure they go down! And to get better pics! After this, we headed over to Dr. Lampkin's office for the usual visit! Nothing eventful but we did decide on a date for induction of labor! Monday, April 20th-I am on the books! I will be 38 weeks and 5 days! We have been thinking of this date for some time! I have been trying to time it just perfect with my friend's work schedule in postpartum so she can take care of me etc! Its fun to work in L/D so I am able to get on the schedule so early! Now I can "reserve" good ol' Dr. Hegde to do my epidural or spinal if have a c-section! :) Of course, anything can happen and I could go earlier or later! But at least this is a starting point! 

On another note, Grant had a great birthday on the 8th! The big 27! After I woke up from work we went to eat at Lujan's and then went to a movie! We ended a great night with ice cream cake that Molly bought for Grant from Marble Slab! Yummy! 

Hope everyone has a great week! I will post another update next week--hopefully with some good pics! 

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I guess I am free and clear of gestational diabetes! If I were anemic or had gestational diabetes, I was supposed to hear by Friday from Dr. Lampkin's nurse Sylvia---and I didn't! Yea!!! So...unless otherwise posted I am healthy! This makes me very happy! Well..Grant finally got better after 3 days of resting at home this week. Everyday there seemed to be progress and now he is almost as good as new! I am still feeling well---we made sure to disinfect everything he touched! Tucker sure has been moving ALOT! Its so weird that the bigger they are, the more you can feel and even see when looking at your belly! Its just amazing-truly. I love it!!! I just can't wait to meet him! I think Grant is getting excited too. He is in awe of my belly-its so cute! Grant's mom is working so hard on the baby bedding! I heard she was up til 2 am the other night looking for all of the fabric we picked out on this website but at a cheaper price online! She supposedly found it all for cheap! WOO HOO! That's all for now! Better get back to work and take care of the preggos!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Poor Grant!

Well...its official. I got the early morning phone call at work! Grant got the "bug." Poor thing has not gotten sick like this since he was a child! A small child... Last week it was me for 3 days and now it is him! Fever and ALL! Its my turn to take as good of care of him as he did of me last week! I am finally feeling back to normal. Now I have to try and stay away to prevent a relapse! If you think about it, say a little prayer that he has a quick recovery and can get back to work and for me that I stay healthy! I have an appointment in the morning and will be tested for gestational diabetes! Yea! I'll leave an update later! Talk to ya'll soon! Gotta go take care of my man!