Friday, October 31, 2008

Feeling Great!

And another thing I forgot to mention! For those always wanting to know how you are doing----- I feel FABULOUS! Besides having a kidney stone this past Monday at work, the normal fatigue that comes along with pregnancy, and lower back pain, I really feel great! I have not been sick or least so far! Just hanging in there!



It's Baby Time!!!

We're Going to Have a Baby! 04/29/2009 goes nothing! Once you start blogging I don't think it ever stops. I decided this would be a fun way to share our life with our loved ones and let everyone have a little insight into how we are preparing mentally, emotionally, and physically for our new arrival in the Spring!Let me start off by saying we are soo excited! It seems as if we waited forever for our special moment to finally arrive! Of course, not nearly as long as it takes some people to get pregnant! A whole 10 months! Anyways, I titled our blog "Faith, Hope and Love" for a reason! Let me explain! We relied on faith and faith alone through the process of trying to get pregnant! There was nothing stopping our miracle but God's timing...and we were ok with that! All we could do was have faith that in his perfect timing we would get pregnant. Everyday I would remind myself of this... I had to! Imagine working in a place, helping to deliver and care for babies three days a week! Celebrating in the joy of the lives of those able to have a baby. And hearing the stories of the ease of getting pregnant for so many mommies! Being in that moment of delivery that you wish so badly could be you, and in the same time imagining it was you and your eager husband! Not to mention all those friends getting pregnant around me! And the constant questioning, "are you pregnant yet?" With all of that said, I have been extremely happy for everyone because I knew how excited it would be when I got pregnant. And I haven't minded the questions AT ALL! I had to know it just wasn't our time! We were hopeful that one day it would be us but happy to wait for "our moment." We had hope everyday that we would get pregnant and hope everyday that it would be in his perfect timing! And now we are in LOVE with this wonderful gift and baby growing inside of me! We are enjoying every minute of having this wonderful blessing and also enjoying our last few months alone at the same time! We are so thankful for all of your prayers! And thankful to God most of all for this wonderful gift! (We promise we will take good care of our baby! ;))

P.S.- I started this blog soon after I found out I was pregnant in August but have been soo busy to actually get it started! So I am about to post some other fun events that we have experienced!

First Appointment-9/16/2008-*8 weeks*
This was exciting for both Grant and I! We finally got to see the heartbeat on the ultrasound as well as our "little blob." We did have a very funny moment while watching our little one! I don't know if any of ya'll know the song that has the words "I can't find my baby...." Anyways, the room was quiet as we were intently trying to look for our baby and this song came on! I think it is an 80's song! Mind you, I just got off from a 12 hour shift in the night and just busted out laughing making it VERY difficult to spot our little one again! But we were happy all was well at this point in the pregnancy!

9/23/2008-I walked to the doctor's office after work to see if we could see our little booger again and get a better picture but NOPE! Thanks to my doctor's ancient machine we didn't! So we scheduled an appointment at a radiology clinic the next day to get a good ultrasound! And to make it more exciting, my mom was coming into town that day so I could show her some good pics!!!!

9/24/2008-We got a picture of a blob, literally! I wish you could see it! Can't even make out a baby to this day! And to make matters crazier, they said we were 7 weeks instead of 9 weeks along! I wasn't sure what to believe at this point......I would have to talk to my doctor! I really enjoyed my mom's visit! :)

10/16/2008- On this day we had our 2nd official OB appointment! I was *12 weeks and 3 days* on this day! We were SOO excited about this particular appointment! They say that at 12 weeks you see one of the biggest changes in your baby! And it was true! We could see arms, legs, a big head...! He or she was definitely happy and showing off for us and moving around like crazy! Pur little gymnast! Of course, we couldn't tell the gender yet! We did schedule our 16 week appointment for November 13th as well as our 18 week appointment with Dr. Hales to determine the sex!!!! YEA! That appointment is going to be November 25th---2 days before Thanksgiving! I am so ready for this! We will reveal "our little secret" sometime over the Thanksgiving holiday to all of our family and friends! Woo-hoo!

10/24/2008- Well...working at a hospital AND on a LABOR AND DELIVERY floor, we have so many fun "toys" accessible to us! On this day, I got our our trusty doppler monitor and placed it on my belly! I could HEAR the heartbeat for the first time, beating at a high whopping rate of 150-160 beats per minute! I have checked it everytime I have worked since then! And of course a few times I have use the ultrasound maching to watch my baby in my tummy moving and playing! So fun!!!!

So this is where we are.....enjoying the moments until we find out if its a girl or boy! All the fun begins then....decorating, picking out concrete names, buying stuff... etc! I promise I won't be so long winded with the rest of my posts but I had a lot to catch up on! :) Again, thanks for all the prayers! We are so thrilled and hope you enjoy reading about our journey!

Grant and Jill---and our (14 week and 4 day old baby)!