Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Labor Day Weekend!

We got together with Grant's 2 best friends from high school and their kiddos over Labor Day Weekend! Here are a couple of pictures of our friends Scott and Jenny with their son Jackson! And one all of the kids! The little boy on the left is Jackson who was born the day before Tucker! And Sage, in the middle, belongs to Cody and Amy and turned a year old on June 30th! We love these guys! Wish I would have gotten a picture of the Cody, Amy and Sage too! Love you guys!!!

Video of Tucker Laughing!

Here is yet another moment caught on camera of our little guy giggling when Mommy is tickling him! He is soo ticklish!

Video of Tucker Talking!

It is so funny---we got this great SLR camera and are able to capture so many moments with the video option! We definitely don't plan any of this stuff! So here is a video of Tucker doing some talkin!

Tucker loves to talk! When he sees the camera its like he stops! But this is an idea of how it goes!

Pictures of Tucker Boy!

Tucker with such a sweet face! I love this picture!
Tucker sitting up with almost no support with the boppy! He has such great control! I don't think it will be long!
Resting on the boppy! Practicing on that head control!
Tucker has soo many fun pj's this fall/winter! This is his Halloween one with a pumpkin on his bottom! Too cute! I will be posting a pajama post so you can see him in all of them! :)

FINALLY, here are some pictures of our Tucker boy! He is getting SOO big and SOO handsome. We just think he looks like a little man and less like a little baby! It is kinda funny! So people are saying that of course he looks "just like his daddy." But, I have had several people say that they can see me in his eyes! And that is ok with me! I am so glad he looks just like his handsome daddy-o! Besides the fact that he rolled over, he is doing a lot more baby talk than he used to! It is so cute! He is at such a fun age and we are just taking in every minute of it! He starts baby food in a couple of weeks which we are excited about! We are starting him on rice cereal with mixed fruit this week to help him gradually progress into the tastes of similar tasting baby foods! We will also be attending the Race for the Cure this weekend as I joined a team up at work! Thanks to all those who donated in support of this great cause! Tucker and I will be up bright and early on Saturday to participate in the 3 mile walk! Yippee!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Rollin, doo doo, Rollin"......

Well, I have to proudly announce that Tucker has rolled from his back to his tummy for the first time TONIGHT! I am at work but a proud and happy Daddy Grant called to let me know! It was funny because in the past couple of days, Grant and I have both noticed that when Tucker reaches for his feet to play he sometimes ends up on his side and then rolls back to his back! Even earlier today this happened! Grant said Tucker was laying on the ottoman while he watched TV and when he looked back at Tucker he was on his tummy! :) And then he did it a 2nd time! How fun! Our little boy is finally rolling! He has yet to roll from his tummy to his back! He still HATES being on his tummy when he is awake! As long as he rolls one way! Haha! We are all doing good! Just workin' and livin'! Figuring out how to get moved to Dallas! Who knows if/when/and how it will all work out! And my friend Brittany is redesigning my blog! I don't know when it will be ready but keep checking back to check it out!Hope all is well with everyone!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We had a BLAST in Dallas this past weekend! It was soo great to be back in the Big D to see our family and friends! Some of the family had not seen Tucker since he was 1 month old and were surprised about how much he had grown! :) We left Friday morning and arrived in Dallas around lunch time! He did fabulous in the car! It was the first time that we were in the car and he actually enjoyed himself by playing with me and with toys! He has always done well in the car but he actually had fun! He slept well too! We got together for dinner with family at Grant's house that night! On Saturday Grant went to golf with his dad and his dad's friends while Tucker and I did a little shopping! Later we got together with Scott, Jenny & Little Jackson and Cody, Amy and Little Sage. That was soo much fun! On Sunday we took Tucker to church and took him to the nursery for the first time! He did soo good! We then went to eat at Salt Grass---yummy! I had been craving Coconut Shrimp for a long time and they have the best!!! At 3 pm my Mom opened up the house, and had some friends come by to see Tucker! That was fun--he was soo good! Everyone enjoyed seeing/meeting our little man! We left Monday morning early to head back to good ol' Lubbock! I will have to post pictures when I get a chance! Hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend!