Thursday, July 30, 2009

14+ weeks!

Tucker sitting in the glider!

Tucker after bathtime in his elephant towel! Not too happy!
Tucker in his bumbo! How cute!

Wow---how time flies!!! I obviously have not been posting as often since I have been back to work! Working/sleeping and taking care of the boy have kept me a little busy! Tucker is just soo much fun! We heard him laugh for the first time last Sunday! A short lived giggle I should say! Preview of whats to come! How fun! Grant and I were both in the room for it! He has also been sitting in his bumbo! He can hold his head up really well! He is also starting to play with his toys or at least putting his toys to his mouth! And of course his fists or fingers are always in his mouth and sometimes in so far that he gags himself! Its actually pretty funny! Grant and I booked a trip this week to Vegas in November with our friends Lora and Koy! We are going to stay at the Bellagio and have so much fun! Grant's parents have graciously agreed to come take care of Tucker here in Lubbock while we are gone! This way Tucker does not have to leave his environment! If they were not able to come my mom offered to come stay with him too! What great parents we have! The Coss' are actually coming next weekend to see us as well! We will have to show them our routine so they can be prepared for November! Anyways, we have been dealing with some diarrhea that has now led to some minor diaper rash! We are supposed to get some stool studies done to find out what could be the cause! Its hard to balance him pooping with when the office is open before and after lunch! And you have to get the sample there within a couple of hours! Its hard enough for me to get ready! Aghh! We will get it there sometime! His diarrhea has actually not been as frequent the past couple of days! Maybe he is getting over it! He doesn't seem to be feeling bad! Which is good news for us! Hope all is well with everyone! We go back for our next appt on the 28th of August for shots/check-up! We are guessing right now he still weighs about 13-14 lbs! Above are some pics!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Precious Boy! 3 months old!!!

We thought this was hilarious with his "thumbs up."
Haha! Not really sure about this face!
Playing on his play mat! He kinda likes it!
The first time Tucker wore shorts! Too cute! We love this outfit!
Our happy, happy boy!

Well our little man is growing up so fast! It is more and more fun each day! Everyday there seems to be something new! Last week he found his left fist! It is always in his mouth! Grant hopes he will be a lefty like him! Haha! Anyways, he also found the TV! He loves to look at it and all the colors/movement! It is so cute! And the drooling has officially begun! I had forgotten about the drooling for some reason until I was reminded about it not too long ago! We seem to always be wiping his mouth! He is still sleeping really well at night! Every night is different but last night for example he slept from 9:30-6:30! That is a long time! It is weird though because I wake up thinking "he is going to wake up any minute." Anyways, we feel very lucky to have a pretty good sleeper! As for naps, he naps with me and naps well! We tried the crib but he just doesnt sleep as long and as good! When he is in there I am on edge waiting for him to cry! For now, to guarantee I get a nap for work, we sleep together! I will have to break that habit at some point! I just cherish those moments everyday! Speaking of work, it is going rather well! We seem to have the routine down pretty good! My work nights are split up which helps Grant not to have three days in a row of taking care of Tucker by himself. It also helps me be able to see him and not feel like I am working more than I see him for those three days! Grant is soo good with him while I am sleeping! It seems to be working out for them and I am sure it will only get better as he gets older! We are enjoying our life as a family! Above are some random pics of Mr. Tucker!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July Weekend!

Isn't he adorable! :) I just love his smile! You can kind of see his cute 4th of July outfit!

We had a great 4th of July weekend! We headed to San Angelo to hang out with some family! We went on Friday afternoon and arrived just in time for dinner at a Mexican restaurant downtown! Saturday was a pretty lazy day! We napped, did some shopping downtown and hung out at the house! Saturday night was fun! We played with sparklers, had homemade ice cream, watched fireworks from the porch and had a great meal of brisket and barbeque chicken with all the fixins! At nighttime we played games which was fun! I discovered (thanks to my family in San Angelo) a game called Blokus! Sooo much fun! Anyways-my mom caught a picture of Tucker grinning from ear to ear! We didn't get a picture of the family on the 4th-:(! By the time we were ready, Tucker spit up all over his 4th of July outfit! Oh well!!! It was a great time! Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!!!

I started back to work Monday! It was crazy busy! One of those "welcome back Jill" kind of nights! It was SOO incredibly hard to leave my baby and my hubby-but I survived! I LOVE the nighttime routine we have---I am really going to miss it the 3 nights I work! Grant is such an amazing father and husband--he is SO great with Tucker! I am so lucky! For not having ever held a baby before Tucker was born, he is truly a natural! Hope all of you ladies are as lucky as me! I don't know what I would do without him! He is my rock!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tucker and Tevin!

My friend and co-worker, Michele, and I went to run around town yesterday! We put Tevin's carseat in my car and hit the road! Look at those precious boys after all those errands! They were tired! :) Tevin is 5 months old and Tucker is 2 1/2 months old! How fun that they will be able to play together!