Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More pictures!~

Tucker is very confused by Santa! He did really well! More pics to come!

Family picture at the party! Tucker likes his new vibrating teether!

Tucker playing with his box that the carseat came in! He had a blast!

Long time, No Post!

Tucker's new big boy carseat arrived! I hope he likes traveling in it at Christmas!

Tucker playing in our pillows! He was so small compared to the mass of pillows!

Tucker in his cute little vest-couldn't resist!

Tucker playing with Daddy! He LOVES his Daddy! They have a blast together!

Tucker likes to stretch with his pacifier! This is too funny!

Well I have been asked many times to post more pictures of our little guy!~ We have just gotten busy and its hard for me to keep up these days! Things are great here! Tucker is growing so fast and doing new things each and every day! No big milestones to report. He doesn't have any teeth yet nor is he crawling! He just rolls from one end of the room to the other in the blink of an eye. He is making all sorts of funny sounds, especially when he eats. It cracks us up! Santa is done buying his gifts and is in the process of getting them all wrapped for the big day! He is going to get many fun goodies! We went to see Santa at my work Christmas party which was a lot of fun! He didn't cry at all while he was on Santa's lap--he just stared in amazement! Here are a few new pictures! Tucker is just shy of 8 months! WOW! The next post will probably be after Christmas! Those will be good pictures I am sure! Merry Christmas everyone.