Monday, June 29, 2009

Tucker is 2 1/2 months old!

Is this not the cutest outfit? Thanks to Mom and Molly! Tucker obviously loves it--hehe! :)
What a happy boy! He loves pushing himself on the glider ottoman!
Resting on the boppy!

Tucker eating out of his Podee bottle! Shout out to the Podee bottle! Makes life alot easier sometimes!

Nothing new has really happened this week since I posted last Friday! We had a great weekend! On Friday, Tucker slept from 10:30-5 am and then 5:30-8! What a kid! We got some good sleep that night! I am currently working on him taking naps in his bed in the afternoons! Hopefully he will catch on quickly! He just can't sleep on me every afternoon--even though I LOVE it! He is soo good about putting himself to sleep at night that surely he can do it during the day!

We are headed to good ol' San Angelo, Texas this weekend to see Mark's sister, Melinda, and her side of the family! We will probably just go Saturday morning but we may head out Friday afternoon! I bought Tucker a cute little red, blue, and white striped outfit for Saturdays festivities! How fun! It will officially be my last weekend of maternity leave! I go back Monday night! Soo sad! But I think it will be good to break up the monotonous routine of it all! I don't mean for that to sound bad but I think it will be good to get away for a few hours a few times per week! I will HATE to leave Mr. Tucker and my wonderful husband!!! I just love them soo much!

Above are a few pics of our precious boy!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tucker's 2 Month Visit to Dr. Gray

We went to see Dr. Gray today for Tucker's 2 month check up/immunizations! He weighs 12 lbs. 9 oz. (after eating a couple of ounces in the waiting room-hehe), his head measures 40.5" and he is 22.5" long. He is in the 50th percentile in all categories! He is just your average kiddo! He was soo good, despite the fact that he had been a little more fussy than usual after not having had a poo-poo yesterday! Well, at least that is what we guessed was the problem! Who really knows! He just kicked and cooed on the examination table. I think he liked the sound of the paper he was crumpling as he kicked-hehe! When Dr. Gray came in Tucker just stared at him the whole time! Then, time for shots! The first was given by mouth--he did really well! I then was instructed to hold his hands while the nurse held his legs--he got a little fussy with this--and then the first shot! First there was silence while he was in shock and then a blood curdling scream. This then led to more silence because he was crying so hard that he would not take a breath! In the midst of this silence, the nurse managed to administer the last two shots. And then I was able to cradle him as he continued to cry but also calm down! Tears were running down his cheeks and his eye lashes were soaked. He was also hoarse from crying so hard! Poor baby! But I got him into his favorite position against my chest, gave him his pacifier and he started to close his eyes! What a good boy! He really did very well! I gave him some tylenol at home just to help ease any pain he may have had from his shots! He pretty much slept all day with a few awake moments. I think he was exhausted from his traumatic experience!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Too Cute!

Well as I have said in many posts, Tucker is smiling ALOT! Pretty much on cue! But I just had to write this because it melts my heart! Last night, Tucker slept from 10 to 5! Woo hoo! I took the first "wake-up time" duty and went to tend to the little man! I got into his room where he was fussing/crying and looked over his bed. He immediately stopped crying, opened his eyes really wide and gave me the biggest toothless, gummy grin you have ever seen! It was one of those moments where you truly knew that HE knew it was his mommy! For so long you give and don't receive! But when you finally get that smile in a moment like that, you realize how awesome parenting really is!!! For your baby to finally show you that he recognizes you is the most amazing feeling! Lately he is just so content sitting in one spot! We all know that God does not give you more than you can handle. However, we all can get to a point where we THINK we can't handle anymore! As I have told some people, its like when you just think you can't handle the crying anymore (because it seems in the beginning thats what they do if they are awake) then they change and become content more often and cry less! That is neat to look back and ponder on! Anyways--I will post soon about our doctor visit in the morning! :) Shots--EEK!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Family Pic from Colorado

Here is a family pic of us in Colorado on the beautiful deck! I really don't think I have anymore pics of us there as we did alot of hanging out in the house with Mr. Tucker! :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

8 & 9 weeks/ First Family Vacation to Colorado

Whitewater Rafting on the Arkansas River in Colorado! AWESOME!
Whitewater rafting pic #2!
Grant and I on top of Pike's Peak---with a wind chill of 24 degrees!
Tucker at 9 weeks smiling at Mommy with Daddy behind her! :)
Another pic of Tucker before eating!
Occasionally, I put Tucker in my peanut shell to do things around the house! This is 8 weeks!

One of our professional pictures by Sara at one week! Had to add this in!
(More pics to come from Colorado etc...)

Wow-I am definitely behind on blogging about my little boy! It seems like so much has happened since the last time I posted! First of all, we are all doing wonderful! We are just truckin' along each and every day only to find that each one is different! :) Going back to work on July 6th is definitely on my mind. I am torn. I really like being at home with Mr. Tucker but I also feel like I need to have a few breaks by going to work 3 nights a week! However, I am going to HATE missing our bedtime routine and HATE leaving Grant by himself at night(even though he doesn't care at all)! I know we will pull through and be successful at work and taking care of Tucker!

Anyways, we left for Buena Vista, Colorado last Sunday the 14th! We stayed in Trinidad, Colorado the first night! It was craziness. We were nervous to sleep in the same room as Tucker. He is a VERY loud sleeper! And come to find out he still is! However, we arrived to the house in Buena Vista on Monday and got him set up in an attached library next to our room so we could be separated during the night for the week! :) It worked out really well! It was so beautiful and the house was absolutely amazing! It was so great to be with my aunt and her side of the family! It has been YEARS since we were all together! The house had an awesome deck with a hot tub, tons of chairs and hummingbird feeders with tons of little hummingbirds to watch! They had a zipline, a fire pit, their own river rock stream, a tv room with a projector, tons of bedrooms, a Wii/Rockband, name a few! We had great cooked meals every night and played games after Tucker went to bed! One day we went whitewater rafting and another day we took the Cog Railway to the top of Pikes Peak-FUN! It was more work taking care of Tucker because everything was out of place but it was worth it! We didn't take many pics but I have a few that I will post when I round them up from family!

While we were in Colorado Tucker had quite a few bouts of projectile vomiting! He actually had one Saturday before we left. He had not done that in quite a while! Anyways, we called the doctor on Wednesday and they told us he may have a little reflux. They told us to keep him elevated after eating, elevate him a little while sleeping, and to give him CEREAL! WOO HOO! I loved hearing that because all I hear from everyone is how awesome they sleep when they get cereal around 4 months. The reason they wanted us to start this is because it will help prevent air in the formula which will help him not to throw up! And of course they want us to continue burping him really well! We started him on cereal that day but I think it was too much for him too quickly! His tummy seemed to hurt for a couple of days and he did have a few more bouts of vomiting! We went to just giving him cereal at night! He has slept AMAZINGLY! He actually slept through the night the Friday after we started him on the cereal and did GREAT the days before that too! He slept 8 hours straight on Sunday night! WOW! So awesome. We are so happy! We are now trying to introduce it at nap times which has seemed to help too! We will just keep introducing him to it slowly with most feedings! We see Dr. Gray this Friday for his 2 month shots! I am dreading this! Its going to be so hard! But we will make it! Grant will be there to hold our hands!

Tucker is now pretty much smiling on command! Especially at his daddy! It is soo cute! He still loves to be on his changing table! And he is having a lot of content awake moments! Which is nice! He is cooing alot and holding his head up even better the past 2 weeks! It is soo fun to watch him grow!

On Father's Day we were traveling so it was not as special as it could have been if we had been at home all day and could celebrate! Tucker told me to tell Daddy Happy Father's Day though! :) We had a good day spending time together! :) That is all that matters, right?!

Above are some pics! :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

7 weeks!

We can't believe it! Tucker is already 7 weeks! Time has flown by....its unbelievable. I go back to work in 1 month! Next week we head to Colorado for a week with my mom's side of the family! We are going white water rafting, train riding, swimming, and relaxing! Of course Tucker cannot participate in all the festivities but he will be in many good hands! It will be his first REAL trip besides going to Dallas to visit the grandparents! Anyways, Tucker continues to sleep well at night! He still gets up between 2 and 3 to eat and then between 6-7 to eat! He goes back to sleep pretty quick after each feeding which is nice for us! On Sunday we let Tucker put himself to sleep! We worked on it a little over the weekend with Cindi (who let us get a full nights sleep both nights-Thanks Cindi :))! He has now put himself to sleep the past 2 nights! The first night we had to console him about 3 times but he never wailed too bad! Last night, he did fabulous! He only whimpered once and we didn't even have to go and console him at all! He put himself right to sleep! Hopefully, he will stop needing that feeding in the middle of the night real soon!!! :) Also, it is so funny but he LOVES his changing table! He just smiles, coos and kicks his arms and legs! It is soo cute! We just love him soo much and thank God for such a wonderful blessing! Above are some pics of Mr. Tucker!!! We will post his 2 month pics after we get back from our trip to Colorado!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Tucker is 6 weeks!!!

Above are pictures of Mr. Tucker at 6 weeks! He is definitely a growing boy! He has continued to sleep well at night! We think he is going through his 6 week growth spurt! He is eating soo much!!! He is smiling so much in the past few days-especially at his daddy! We weighed him today (the old fashioned way again) and he is right around 11 pounds! He has soo many rolls! Aunt Molly comes tomorrow and then Cindi comes this weekend to see Mr. Tucker! Have a great week! Enjoy the beginning of summer!

*Shout out to Cindi as it is her birthday on Thursday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!