Sunday, August 30, 2009

4 month Visit to Dr. Gray!

We had a great visit to Dr. Gray's office on Friday! After his usual ritual of peeing on the nurse while on the scale, we found out that he weighs 15 lbs. 3 oz.! He is 26 1/4 in. long (4 inches longer than at the last visit)! I knew he was getting long! Long and lean! He is only 3 inches away from being too big for his infant carrier (according to his length)! He also has a 43 cm head. So..he is in the 95th percentile for his head size, the 90th percentile for his height and the 50th percentile for his weight! He is right on track! We started applejuice today...he likes it...we think! We also stopped cereal in his bottle at nighttime to see how he does! But we are still feeding him by spoon! He got his 4 month shots and calmed down quickly after some love from his mommy! We dosed him every 4 hours with Tylenol and he did really well all day! REALLY well! We went to Amarillo to see Grant's grandfather and family and he laughed, cooed, and played with toys! He laid on his blanket for a long time just hanging out! Thank goodness. We had a great visit. BUT his good mood ended yesterday as he fussed all day long! Pretty much nothing made him happy. He had his short moments! Today he is much better and back to being happy!

*Side note: Grant and I watched I Love You Man last night--great movie!!! Just fyi!

*Another side note: Grant's grandfather passed away last night at 10:20 pm. We will be attending his funeral sometime this week, not sure when. Please continue to keep his family in your prayers! This has been a difficult week for everyone.

Have a great Sunday afternoon!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Prayer and Pics of Tucker

Happy boy!

Not quite sure about this stuff! :)

Our little baseball player--well hopefully! Too cute--he wasn't quite sure about the hat!
4 Generation picture (plus Brady)!

Edmund and Tucker when Tucker was just born!

Hey everyone-

Please pray for our family. Grant's grandfather has been diagnosed with leukemia today and in the same day has been placed on hospice. The family has been told he has approximately a week to live. We are heading to Amarillo tomorrow to visit. He is not communicating at this point but we feel we need to go visit as well as take Tucker to see him (possibly for the last time). Anyways, this is devastating and SURPRISING news to the whole family. Above are pictures of Edmund and Tucker as well as a 4 generation picture (plus Brady-Grant's brother) when Tucker was "brand new." And some more recent fun pictures of Tucker boy! Thanks and love to all....

P.S. We go to our 4 month visit tomorrow and will post an update soon!

Monday, August 24, 2009

18 weeks! What fun!

We have had a fun couple of weeks with Tucker! Everyday there seems to be something new! He has become increasingly more talkative---well with baby babble that is! He just screams to be heard! He also does this thing where he gathers spit at the back of his throat and uses it to make sounds! All the time!!! We put his jumperoo together today! He is still a little small for it but seemed somewhat interested! Once he can actually reach the toys I am sure he will love it even more! He is also EXTREMELY close to rolling over from his tummy to his back! I mean so close to where his butt is in the air and his knees are on the ground and he is tilted somewhat to the right! We are just WAITING! I think he is so close because he gets soo mad that he is on his tummy! He absolutely hates it! But in the past when I have put him on his tummy during a short nap while I am doing stuff around the house, he loves it and sleeps well! Whatever!!! :) He is drooling everywhere--so much that we have to change his outfit almost 3 times a day! He puts his whole fists in his mouth and then puts his hands everywhere! He also loves to gnaw on Grant and I! We have drool all over us most of the time! A couple of weeks ago we got this whale tub for bathtime! He loves it and loves to splash in the water! He also continues to love his changing table and is so excited when he is on it, even in the middle of the night! He continues to be somewhat unpredictable in the middle of the night about what time he will wake up! Lately, he has gone to bed between 9 and 10 and has then been waking up anywhere between 4:30 and 5:45. He usually goes back to bed or comes and sleeps with us for the rest of the morning after he eats! He has also been laughing! It is soo cute and something we have both been looking forward to hearing! He is definitely ticklish and we love to tickle him! Poor thing! But we can't help it because we love to hear him laugh! He still loves to hold our hands when we feed him as well as rub our chests when we rock him! He is just soo sweet! I was told by my friend who took care of him the other night that we have a perfect and easy baby! We are so proud of him! We have decided to prolong putting him in Kids Day Out! Everything is working out so perfectly that we think we will either enroll him this upcoming Spring or Summer session! But for now, we don't feel as if we need it! These are just a few of the many things that are going on in our lives with Mr. Tucker! I will post pictures soon! We love being parents to our wonderful little man(who looks just like his daddy)!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

16 weeks and counting!

Tucker and his big BLUE eyes! We hope they stay so beautiful! Oh yea...and hand in mouth, as usual!
Tucker sleeping on the couch on his Mommy's shoulder cuddled up under a blanket! Very common occurrence!
Tucker sitting up like a big boy in the recliner! He is a prince charming isn't he?
This is what Tucker looks like when he is not happy! He is still soo cute!
Tucker playing with his keys! He is definitely starting to grab EVERYTHING! Even Mommy's jewelry!

4 months has already arrived! WOW! Our little Tucker is growing up as you can see in his pictures! I think we have finally gotten over the little "buggy" that caused so much chaos last week! We found out he did not have rotavirus or giardia but are still waiting to hear what the culture revealed. I am sure nothing if they have not called us by now! He is back to his normal "bathroom" schedule for the most part! He started to sleep better the night I talked about in the last post when I had to work! Except last night--he woke up SEVERAL times! And on top of it all, I was extremely nauseated and weak. I thought I may have eaten to much and that it would go away. But it didn't. I had periods of being really and hot and really cold all night long! I continued to feel bad today and Grant had to come home early to help me out with Tucker! I didn't feel like a good mommy today. Its the first time I have been under the weather with a new baby! I am not a good sick person anyways! Tucker being up several times in the middle of the night didn't help things! On a more positive note, we started spoon feeding cereal this week! It is quite funny--we have it on video! I will have to post it soon! He actually did really well and ate most of it! We will continue to do this so he can develop that motor skill of eating and get used to the different texture of food! Grant's parents came last weekend and had a good time with Tucker! I didn't end up having to work which made the weekend that much better! We introduced our new favorite game, Blokus, to his parents! I think they liked it! We also had to play a little Rummikub! This Thursday is our wedding anniversary! We are going to a movie and dinner! Woo hoo! Above are some pictures of Tucker!!! Enjoy!

P.S.- Dallas friends- we are headed to Dallas on Labor Day weekend! So...make plans to visit with us and Tucker!

Monday, August 3, 2009

15 Weeks!

Last week leading into this week has been VERY interesting! Poor Mr. Tucker has had diarrhea for almost a week now! He strains so violently every time he poops and he poops ALOT! His face gets BRIGHT red and purple and you can see all his little veins! Poor guy! We are supposed to get "stool studies" done to see what is going on! However, we have had a hard time timing when he poops and when the offices are open to get the sample there within an hour! This is only prolonging fixing the problem- if it is a problem to be fixed! Whatever it is may just have to run its course! He has a very mild diaper rash that we are keeping under control with Desitin and Butt Paste! On top of this, we think he is teething! They say it can happen as early as 3 months! He is showing ALL the signs: hands in his mouth ALL the time, drooling excessively, irritable, sleepless, etc! On Saturday he woke up like 6 times and on Sunday night we were pretty much up most of the night. We ended up having to put him in our bed with us! We will only do this in extreme cases as it is NOT SAFE! Anyways, poor Grant is at home with Tucker tonight--hopefully he sleeps better so Grant doesn't have to be up all night by himself! We really think his tummy is hurting and that is what is waking him up! Pray that we fix this soon so we can ALL get rest! I am just glad he naps with me everyday so at least I know I will have a few hours of sleep at some point! Other than all of this, we are all doing GREAT! Grant's parents are headed to town this week! Yippee! Grant continues to be amazing with Tucker! I am soo lucky!

I am in the midst of shopping for his Halloween outfit! I think I want him to be a monkey! He will be sooo cute! I will keep you posted on what he will be! We bought a really awesome SLR Digital camera (in other words, one like a photographer would use)! So...hopefully we can take some pretty cool pics of Tucker! Definitely will take some pics in Vegas!