Friday, May 29, 2009

Tucker at 5 weeks!

Above are a few pics of Tucker during his 5th week! Wow-time has flown by! And with time and alot of "sitting around" with my little man I have noticed some new things he has learned! Let me list them for you!

-He uses his strong legs to lift up on me and with assistance stands on the counter! :)
-He coos and is starting to make all sorts of sounds!
-He is focusing with his eyes all the time, especially on the eyes of the person feeding him!
-He falls asleep when I sing to him! How sweet! :)
-He is noticing all his toys that hang from the bouncer and swing.
-He occasionally pops out a smile while awake!

Grant and I weighed him the old fashioned way at home and he is about 11 pounds-we think! WOW! He is big! And to think this is how big Brady was when Cindi delivered him! WOWZA! Overall, we are all doing well! Tucker is pretty much sleeping from around 10 pm-2am (roughly), he wakes up to feed and goes back to bed within 30-45 min. He then wakes up about 3:30-4ish to feed and goes back to sleep. And then he wakes up in the am to feed and goes back down! So, Grant and I have gotten quite a bit of sleep! We are liking our little schedule! Hopefully it just gets better and better! Aunt Molly comes in next week to visit and help with Mr. Tucker! And in about 2 weeks we head to Colorado for a family vaca! Woo hoo! I got Tucker enrolled in KDO for the Fall. That should be good for him and us! Everday is different around here and can be interesting! Nevertheless, we are having fun with our little guy! We will post more pics next week at 6 weeks! Wow!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tucker at 1 month!

Well we headed to Dallas for the weekend so we could introduce Tucker to the rest of his family and friends. This included 3 of his great-grandmothers, his step-grandfather, his great aunt and uncle, and his new friend Jackson! It was an interesting 7 hour trip to Dallas (as it normally takes 5 hours)! However, we did make it back to Lubbock in 6 1/2 hours=-woo hoo! Tucker was fabulous and does great in his carseat which makes it that much easier for us! It just rocks him right to sleep! He would wake up and cry for food and thats it! :) Molly came back with us to help out for the week! My mom will come in this weekend to join Molly and I while Grant goes on an off-roading trip to Katemcy! He is very excited. I am glad he will get a small break from his new life. While he is gone we get to enjoy a spa day at Woodhouse Day Spa here in Lubbock! That will be fun! Above are pics of Mr. Tucker at 1 month! He is growing SOO fast- it is unbelievable! Hope all is well with everyone! Enjoy the upcoming Memorial weekend!

*If anyone is interested in viewing the gallery of pictures of Tucker, go to Click on client proofing. The password for Tucker's gallery is tc_042509! Sara did a great job! We are in the process of ordering our pics!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tucker at 3 Weeks!

Tucker continues to grow and is doing really well! This is his him at 3 weeks! He is changing so fast! The visit this past weekend with family was great! We got caught up on sleep thanks to Cindi! We have been on our own for the past couple of days and are doing good! We have broken the night into 2 shifts and it seems to be working for the both of us! We each get about 5 hours of good solid rest each night. We started Tucker on formula last week and are going through the transition period! It hasn't been too bad at all! It makes our lives so much easier! Wow!!! Hope everyone is doing well! We are headed to Big D this weekend for Tucker to meet the rest of his family! Molly comes back with us next week and will help us again! Yea!!! Love to all!

Friday, May 8, 2009

2 week Visit to Dr. Gray's

We went to the pediatrician's office today for our 2 week appointment! Tucker did fabulous! They assessed his height, weight, head measurement, and did a newborn screen by sticking his heel and obtaining a blood sample! He weighed in at 8 pounds even and was 21 inches long! He even left a "pee" souvenir on the scale and the nurse! He is in the 50th percentile--an average kiddo! Grant's mom/Cindi has been here since Wednesday and has been a major help! She was able to stay up all night on Wednesday to take care of Tucker while Grant and I got 9 hours of sleep! She even chipped in for a shift last night which is always a big help to us!!! She is planning on letting us sleep one more full night before she leaves on Sunday-yippee!!! :) Grant's brother, Brady, and his Dad, Bill, are going to be here any minute to visit for the weekend and take Cindi back home on Sunday. His great-grandparents are coming in today to meet Mr. Tucker as well! What fun!!! Tucker says hello to all!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pics of Tucker AKA "Grant Jr." at 1 and 2 weeks! :)

The first two pics are Tucker at 2 weeks! The last two pics are Tucker at 1 week old while doing his "sun treatment" is his bouncer! He ALWAYS gets hiccups when he is in his bouncer for some reason! :) His bilirubin level was a little elevated at delivery and at our doctors appointment 2 days after delivery so we are doing sun treatments for 15 minutes each day! The doctor was not worried at all but just wanted us to do some indirect sunlight! His color is totally normal now! We went to a weight clinic yesterday at the hospital to check his progress! On the 24th, the Friday after delivery, Tucker had gone from 6 # 15 oz. at delivery, to 6# 7 oz when leaving the hospital, to 6# 5 oz. at the doctor! Yesterday, he was a whopping 7# 2 0z.! He definitely eats! They want him to be at his birth weight after 2 weeks---he exceeded the goal! We will see Dr. Gray this Friday to follow up on his weight and bilirubin levels. Tucker told me to tell everyone hello and thank you for all the wonderful gifts! He is doing really well--we will continue to post pictures! Pray that Grant and I get more and more sleep everyday! :) Love to all!