Friday, November 6, 2009

6 Month Doctor Visit

Yesterday was Tucker's 6 month doctor visit! Grant had to take him because I accidently scheduled myself for a yearly class for work on that day thinking it was the opposite day of the appointment! What a bum mom! Anyways, he did GREAT! He weighed in at 18.45 lbs, was 28.25" long and had a 46 cm head! He was in the 90th percentiles for height and head and the 75th percentile for weight! He also got his shots, including the flu shot! Grant said he held his breath the longest he had ever seen! I told him that it was pretty normal for him to do that after shots! :) Poor Grant was scared! Dr. Gray was super surprised when he walked in the room at how well Tucker was sitting up for his age when. He does sit up really well without support. In fact, we sit him up most of the time now! We asked him if he thought his teeth were coming in. We told him of his recent sleeping habits and what we saw in his mouth. Upon observation, he said that he didn't think they were cutting through YET but that he could be experiencing pain because of teething. He said that the pain could be keeping him awake. One night when he woke up in the middle of the night, I went ahead and regressed and gave him a bottle. He sucked it down quick. The next night, the same thing. Dr. Gray said when he does this he is most likely going through a growth spurt. He said if we were to feed him and he did not suck it down that he was just messing with us. So...the week (PLUS) of no/lack of sleep could have been from teething pain, growing pains, etc! BUT on a good note, he has slept wonferfully for the past 4 nights now! Maybe the growth spurt is over and we are back to normal at least for a while! It was best last night when he slept from 8:30pm to 7:15 am straight with no waking up! It was wonderful! The time he has slept has become increasingly longer every night! Hopefully it stays like this for the sake of Grant's parents next week when we are in Vegas! He continues to love his food. We tried pears and mixed veggies today! He loved them both. We are doing an oatmeal cereal now that he likes as well! Everything is going great! We are having so much fun! :)

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