Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We had a great time in Vegas---not very relaxing but alot of FUN! Grant's parents arrived on Thursday afternoon--just in time for us to eat lunch and be taken to the airport! I was extremely nervous to leave my little boy for the first time! I had been so excited about Vegas until it got closer! EEK! I had a small breakdown on the plane and the next morning when I heard his little voice. But everytime we talked to them he was doing so good! I was so proud of him and it helped me to have fun! We walked the strip ALOT and saw soo many things! We were in and out of so many hotels! We gambled a little bit and won a little too! We stayed at the Bellagio and enjoyed every minute of it! It is such a luxurious hotel. We ate great and had so much fun with Lora and Koy that we are trying to plan another trip! When we got back home Tucker smiled at me but not at Grant. As soon as we walked in the house he acted like he had no idea who we were and was so confused! And only smiled at Grant's dad! As soon as they headed back to Dallas, he turned back to normal-smiling and laughing! We missed him so much and are so glad to be back with him! However, it will be easier the next time we want to go on a trip!

Tucker continues to do more and more everyday! He started this new thing when he gets upset and crying and says "Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma." Its so funny. Its like I already know how "mama" is going to sound coming out of his mouth! He is also doing this coughing thing when he cries. Its cute and funny! :) Maybe I can get it on video! I need to post some pictures soon! We took one in his new highchair! I think he likes it!

We got him enrolled in KDO on Tue/Thur starting in the Spring at Lakeridge United Methodist Church! We are so excited! The classrooms and teachers seem to be amazing! I hope he will be a good boy!

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